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ProductTitle: HT-8012 Mask penetration of filter material
ProductModel: HT-8012
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Characteristic: HT-8012 Mask penetration of filter material

HT-8012 Mask penetration of filter material


Testing standard

It’s conform YY 0469-2011GB2626GB32610 testing standard requirement


Testing theory

Under the specified testing conditioning , Percentage of filter element filter out particles



It is used to test the filtration efficiency of daily protective masks, medical masks and respirators for particulate matters


Technical specifications

1.Use cold generation gas sol generator produces continuous and stable aerosol particles, which is convenient for solution filling

2. Use high accurate sensor against Aerosol concentration measurement

3.The whole process of particle leakage prevention design to protect the safety of experimental personnel

4 2 set of aerosol : NaCI particulate matter aerosol generator and oil particulate matter aerosol generator

5  With aerosol particulate matter static charge neutralization device

6  Cylinder fixture with protection device, use safety and easy

7 With temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display environment temperature and humidity ( temperature and humidity requirement:25℃±5℃30%RH±10%RH)。

8  with glass rotameter, vacuum pump, laser dust particle counter.

9 filtration efficiency testing range0-99.999%

10. filtration efficiency testing flow meter range:10-100L/min, accurate level 2.5

11.Filtration efficiency sampling frequency:1-9999/min (can set up)

12.Filtration efficiency particulate matter concentration:20-30mg/m3,Count median diameter, NacI particulate matter 0.075±0.02μm, oil particulate matter :0.185±0.02μm, geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution: NacI particulate matter≤1.86, oil particular matter≤1.60, dynamic testing range 0.001-100 mg/m3, accurate1%

13Testing machine correct level: (accurate level): 1

14. Control system: computer control , automatic collect data, with the computer and testing software

15The computer automatic testing air concentration, automatic count the filtration efficiency , can

Save, output, inquiry , print the test data


Testing method:

  1. With filtration efficiency testing system adjust to testing state, and adjustable the relative testing parameter
  2. Use the suit fixture take the disposable mask (or with the exhale valve, need to sealing the exhale valve) or filter element air tightness connect to the testing device
  3. Testing after, record initial filtration efficiency, testing should continue until filtration efficiency arrived to the lowest point, or the filter material already accumulate 200±5mg particular matter , for the KP type filter material, if filter material accumulate particular matter volume arrived to 200±5mg, but at the same time efficiency appear down , testing should continue until the efficiency stop down , should continue record filter result



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