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ProductTitle: Damp -heating testing machine (environment chamber)
ProductModel: HTPV-16
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Characteristic: To determine the ability of the module to withstand the effects of long -term penetration of humidity ;Damp heat testing chamber;nvironmental chamber;Solar pv test equipment;PV Module testing Machine;PV test equipment;High-low temperature test chamber


Name: Damp -heating testing machine (environment chamber)

Standard: According to IEC61215,UL1703 standard requirement

P urpose: To determine the ability of the module to withstand the effects of long -term penetration of humidity

Technical specifications

1 Test temperature 85℃±2℃

2 Relative humidity: 85 ±5

3 Temperature fluctuation ≤±1℃

4 Temperature deviation ≤±1℃

5 Temperature uniformity ≤2℃

6 Humidity range 30 95 RH

7 Relative humidity deviation ≤±2.5 RH Humidity 75 RH

8 Common moisture point 85℃/85 RH continue time ≥1000h 90℃/90%RH continuity≥1000h

9 Touch screen +PID intelligence control

10 Can placed 12 PCS test modules

11 Inner chamber size approx 1.5×2.5×1.5m (L * W*H)

12 Outer chamber size approx 2.5×3.0×2.5m (L*W*H)

13 Inner chamber material Stainless steel (SUS #304)

14 Outer chamber material Steel plate baking finish

15 PID  automatic calculus

16 Thermal insulation material: hard foam and glass wool

17 Chamber door double type

18 With cut off program memory:restart after can automatic restart and continue perform program function

19 Communicate interface RS-232  or RS-485  communicate interface

20 Air supply circulation system Motor

21 Refrigerant Environmental protection refrigerant; condenser: water-cooled

22 Interface show Touch screen control

23 Language: Chinese and English change each other

24 data acquisition Export, view graphic function

25 Power 380V 60H


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