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ProductTitle: low temperature testing chamber
ProductModel: HT-5013
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Characteristic: a cabinet for simulating an environmentally low temperature climate


Name:Helmet low temperature testing chamber

Technical parameter:

System:balanced temperature control system

Temperature range:-30℃ to room temperature

Temperature accurate:±1℃

Temperature uniformity:±0.5℃/±0.7℃

Heating time: -30℃ to room temperature approx within 20 minutes

Cooling time :room temperature~-20℃ approx within 20 minutes

Interior chamber dimension :600mm×850mm×800mm

Interior material:stainless steel plate

Exterior material:Stainless steel plate

Insulation material:rigid polyurethane foam

Refrigeration system:air cooled , hermetic compressor, single stage refrigeration system

Accessories:viewing window shelves , can be adjustable up and down 2 pcs , one lamp in the chamber

Power:AC 380V±10%,50HZ

Testing Machine precision:

Show precision: temperature:0.01℃

Deviation : temperature:±2.0℃

Uniformity: temperature:±2.0℃

Fluctuation: temperature:±1℃

Machine sheet metal structure:

1. High quality appearance, surface treatment by fog stripes, and use of flat handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable

2. Interior material:SUS#304 heat resistant and cold resistant stainless steel plate

3. Exterior material:SUS#304 stainless steel

4. Insulation material:Import high strength PU foam insulation material

Control system:

1. Import temperature humidity controller , separate control temperature and humidity ,model: TEMI880

2. The Controller only need set temperature can realize automatic running, when the testing chamber happen abnormal, controller,will show the fault alarm prompt

Refrigeration system:

Europe and the United States imported power saving type, fully enclosed industrial cryogenic compressor

Wave fin type strong air supply condenser

FIN-TUBE evaporator

Cooling ways use wind cooling ways, full serious use environmental protection refrigerant R23,R404

Imported dry filter, solenoid valve and other refrigeration equipment

Internal spiral type K-TYPE refrigerant copper tube

Heating system:

1. Use import stainless steel SUS #304 heating tube heater

2. Heating , system completely independence

3. Intelligent type automatic heating

Air volume circulation system:

1、It adopts multi blade centrifugal fan and sealed motor, it is not easy to lose oil and core, and it can adjust the circulation of air supply of white window

Secure protection measures:

1、No Fuse Breaker

2、Over temperature prevention

3、Overload protection of circulating fan

4、Fault warning, etc    

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