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ProductTitle: High Velocity testing machine
ProductModel: HT-6023H
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Characteristic: Low speed impact testing machine for goggels/glasses/face mask

Name:Helmet goggles shoot testing machine
Standard: ANSI Z.87.1
High speed impact testing machine for goggles/glasses/ face mask use standard’s steel ball , as a certain speed shoot to helmet goggles surface , To determine the performance of helmet goggles against small particle impact at high speed

Technical parameter:
1.Lead pellet:6.35mm
2.Emergency; stop system to ensure safety , LCD exhibits the shooting speed(m/s)
3.Adjustable headform holder to facilitate operation
4.High accuracy laser velocimeter
5.An air compressor is needed to provide compressed air, with an air entry outlet to speed up the lead pellet
6.A safety warning bulb, the system will not turn to working condition when either the door or the air entry outlet is not closed
7.Test space is completely shut off , with only one viewing window to ensure safety

High Velocity Impact testing
Device type Velocity
Welding helmets 45.72m/s(150ft/s)
Spectacles 45.72m/s(150ft/s)
Goggles 76.20m/s(250ft/s)
Faceshields 91.11m/s(300ft/s)

It's can according to the customer testing requirement customized


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