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ProductTitle: ECE R22.06 Helmet Impact Testing Machine (Monorail)
ProductModel: HT-6011-B
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CompanyName: HOTOTECH
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Characteristic: ECE R22.06 estimating the impact resistance and penetration resistance of a helmet;Helmet impact testing machine;Helmet crash testing machine;Helmet impact testing equipment;Helmet roll off testing machine

Model:6011-B         Name: Helmet impact testing machine


It's for Helmet impact testing, estimating the impact resistance and penetration resistance of a helmet, full computerized, the drop weight raised and lowered to a specified height, the computer exhibits the changing height with time, acceleration , HIC , action time and impact energy , this machine has good degree of reliability, high accuracy, meanwhile , can staify the penetration testing 

Standard: ECE,SNELL,DOT,JIS we can be customized according to customer demand

Technical parameter:   1、The total height of testing machine: approx 6m 
2、Impact speed
Flat anvil:Type A 6.0m/s;Type B 5.6m/s
  Hemisphere anvil:5.2m/s
3、Fall weight
   Small headform:4+0.1kg
   Medium headform:5+0.1kg
   Large headform:6+0.1kg
4、Impact anvil
Flat anvil:diameter 127mm;thickness 15mm;hardness less than 50HRC
Hemisphere anvil:spherical radius 48mm±1mm;hardness less than 50HRC
5、American import accelerometer: Unidirectional accelerometer 
6、HT-6011-B special operate control software control testing action 
7、HOTOTECH independent research and development control board card 
8、HOTOTECH independent research and development a group of infrared test speed sensor
9、Real-time draw test curve 
10、Software with Simplified Chinese 、traditional Chinese 、English language change function
11、Software support data save, history data query , data export/print etc 
12、The report can save for Word、Excel、PDF、JPG etc format
13、Included a set of computer


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