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ProductTitle: Protection Mask comprehensive testing machine
ProductModel: HT-8010
Category: 86 *
CompanyName: HOTOTECH
Phone: +8613553813526
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Characteristic: Protection Mask comprehensive testing machine produced by Dongguan Hongtu Instrument Co.,Ltd is inexpensive and widely praised by customers.


Standard: GB2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment Non-powered air-purifying particle respirator


Technical parameter:

  1. Aerosol generator:

 1.1 NaCI occurrence gas:>100L/min

 1.2 NaCI particulate matter concentration: 10±2mg/m³

  1.3 oil particulate matter occurrence gas:>100L/min

  1.4 oil particulate concentration:20 30mg/m³

  1. Breath simulator simulate breath frequency modulation:10~40 times/min
  2. Tidal volume adjustable range:0.5 3.0L
  3. Breath simulator is double cylinder synchronization running
  4. CO2 volume fraction 5.0±0.1%
  5. CO2 flow meter range:more than 40L/min
  6. CO2 analyzer range:more than 12%
  7. Wind speed:0.5m/s
  8. HT-8010 operate control software control action
  9. The software research and development by HOTOTECH
  10. Real-time show inward leakage
  11. Automatic calculated leakage rate
  12. Software with Chinese and English language , can each other
  13. Software support data save, history information inquiry , data import and print etc
  14. Report can save Word, Excel, PDF,JPG etc format

Included a set of computer

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