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ProductTitle: Exhalation valve air tightness testing Machine
ProductModel: HT-8060
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Characteristic: Exhalation valve air tightness testing Machine,Carbon dioxide flowmeter


Standard: GB 2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment Non-powered air-purifying particle respirator

Purpose: Take the exhalation valve installation on the suitable fixture , then will take the fixture inner change to negative pressure state, monitor the whole fixture device recover to normal pressure time , to determine exhalation valve’s air tightness

Technical parameter:

  1. Constant volume cavity size:150±10mL
  2. Micro manometer range:0 2000Pa, accurate:1Pa
  3. Flow meter range:0 1000mL/min
  4. Flow meter accurate:3%
  5. Electronic digital show flow
  6. Timer accurate:0.1s
  7. Sucker pump speed rate:2L/min
  8. Real-time show test pressure
  9. Can satisfy air tightness testing of 6.14
  10. PLC control   Products Show

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