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ProductTitle: Chin Bar Impact Machine
ProductModel: HT-6019
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Name:Helmet Chin Bar Impact Testing Machine


Standard:According to SNELL SA/K2010 standard requirement


Take a certain weight impactor , rise it to standard height and make it free fall to the helmet's chin position, to determine helmet chin bar resistance impact testing

Impact height the maximum 1800mm (can setting)
The mass of drop 5kg
appearance electrostatic spraying
aluminum parts electrophoresis, and the appearance is beautiful
Software introduce  

1. With high precision displacement sensor etc signal Conditioner input   2.In the form of computer software, the conditioning unit is automatically identified and set up   3.It's with rich various parameter set function, analyse treat function   4.The software research and development by HOTOTECH, and through the software finished all parameter set transmission to PLC to automatic calculated value   5.Provides a choice of test modes , use length etc various collection parameter's set and control   6.Display ways use computer control, data analyse system input tensile distance, and  draw the tensile curve, test data can print   Helmet Chin Bar Impact Testing Machine   Products Show HT-6019


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