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ProductTitle: Strap Retention Machine(Dynamic)
ProductModel: HT-6018-B
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Characteristic: Helmet Strap Retention Machine (Dynamic) / helmet testing machine /testing equipment


Name: Helmet Strap Retention Testing Machine (dynamic)


Suit standard : According to EN1078 standard requirement



With certain initial load apply on the helmet strap system for a certain length of time, then with a certain weight weights fall from certain height and make the impact force also applied on the strap system, thereby to judge strap system’s resistance tensile performance

Technical parameter:

1. Pneumatic rise device

2. Initial load:5kg

3. Impact weight:4kg

4. Impact height:600mm

5. High accuracy displacement sensor catch the data

6. HT-6018-B special computer software control rise , fall and data calculus

7. Report can save for Word , Excel, PDF, JPG etc format

8. Connect the printer, the report can print

9. Software support data save, history data query , data export/print etc

10. Software with simplified Chinese , traditional Chinese , English language change function

11. Included a set of computer





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