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Breathing mask testing machine specific test method

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The main purpose of the Breathing mask testing machine:

The breathing mask test machine is used to check the tightness of all types of respirators, masks and gas masks, professional engineer R&D team, product quality assurance and comprehensive after-sales service.

Breathing mask testing machine technical features:

1. Simple operation and convenient use;

2, independent operation type, no external connection to the computer;

3, optional mask sample adapter, allowing the tolerance of various masks to detect;

4, the color touch screen can be operated with a finger or a pen;

5, FitPro+TM tightness test software, can automatically complete the test;

6. Use an external computer to generate a report and print a tightness test card;

7. Calculate the mask fit factor using microscopic particles in ambient air.

Breathing mask testing machine range:

1. Elastic full face respirator;

2. Elastic half mask respirator;

3. Gas mask;

4. SCBAs respirator;

5. N95 mask;

6. N99 mask;

7. N100 mask.

Breathing mask testing machine air tightness test method:

1. After closing the constant volume chamber with the airtight inspection cover, the system is evacuated to a negative pressure of 1180 Pa, and no pressure change should be observed within 2 minutes after the control valve is closed.

2. Install the sample to be tested on the constant volume cavity and ensure the tightness. The system will reach the negative pressure of 1250Pa at a pumping rate of not more than 500mL/min, and close the control valve.

3. Start counting when the system's negative pressure drops to 1180Pa, and record whether the time required for the system to return to normal pressure is less than 20S.

Exhalation valve cover test method: Fix the exhalation valve cover and mask cover of the sample to be tested with appropriate clamps (fixed points should be reasonably close to the corresponding connection parts). Start the material testing machine, apply tension and record whether there is breakage, slippage or deformation.

Air tightness test method:

Wear the mask on the matching test head mold, seal the inhalation valve, and wet the exhalation valve. Start the vacuum pump, make the negative pressure inside the mask reach 1000Pa, stop pumping, start timing, observe and record the negative pressure drop value in the mask within 60s.

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