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ProductTitle: ECE R22.06 Helmet impact testing machine
ProductModel: HT-6011-A
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Characteristic: ECER22.06 helmet impact absorption test acceleration test machine;Helmet impact testing machine;Helmet crash testing machine;Helmet impact testing equipment;Helmet roll off testing machine


Helmet Impact Testing Machine (Monorail)


The impact testing machine suit for use helmet impact test , estimating the impact resistance of a helmet , the drop weight raised and lowered to a specified height , the computer exhibits the changing height with time acceleration. HIC, action time and impact energy. this machine has good degree of reliability , high accuracy 

Standard: According to ECE R22.05/ECE R22.06

Technical parameter

1 the total height of testing machine: approx 6m

2 Impact speed 7.5m/s Impact height 3m

3 Impact anvil Flat anvil,Triangular anvil, a set of impact fixture

4 American import accelerometer: Tri-directional Accelerometer

5 HT-6011-A special operate control software control test action

6 HOTOTECH independent research and development control board card

7 HOTOTECH independent research and development a group of Infrared test speed sensor

8 Rise falling fixtures adopt American THOMSON linear bearing

9 Real-time drawing testing curve

10 Software with simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese , English language change function

11 Software support data save, history data query, data export/print etc

12 Data can save for Word Excel PDF JPG etc format

13 Included a set of computer


Product Name Helmet Impact Absorption Tester  Uniaxial triaxial helmet impact testing machineHelmet impact attenuation laboratory testing
Testing standard ECE R22.05, EN1077, EN1078 ,DOT etc (Optional)
Purpose It's used form helmet crash impact testing
Testing theory free guide drop testing 
Drop height 6m (Change according to standards)
Bearing American import
Accelerometer American import
Computer ways Computer control
Data display Computer with real-time curve display
Electricity 220V 50HZ

Softward feature 

1.dealing with software (Windows 7 system interface, VC program , both once collect data and 

  continuous collect data . 

2.interface guide function easy and convenience to operate

3.Provide all kinds of FIR digital filter for filtering the acceleration signals, promise signal does not

   lost .

4.provide all kinds of curve fitting , convenient test result comparison

5.Automatic naming files

6.more than a figure line tool, can put in a linear coordinate or logarithmic coordinate multiple curve in a picture , in order to research , compare all kinds of material different situation’s buffer performance  offer convenient . test report button , test data automatic change test report . The report can save and print.






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